The Lunch Box- Photo Shoot with the lovely Christina Esteban

A couple of weeks a go I got a call from the beautiful and talented Christina Esteban regarding a photo shoot for the “Lunch Box ” Restaurant that soon will be opening in Concordia University. Not only was I scheduled to do makeup for the boys and girls but I was also asked if  I wanted to be one of the models. “Hhhhhmmmm!!!! Think! Think! This could be fun!?” so I excepted the challenge.

I always love working with Christina! She’s a breath of fresh air! Check out her site:

Till next time,

Sylva K

Makeup Monday’s Vol 9- Make Your Makeup Last

It’s your wedding day, the most important, exciting and memorable event of your life and of course! You want to look gorgeous all day long.

Here are 6 easy steps to keep your look fresh until the last guest has left the reception.

1)  Prep your face with primer

2) Follow with foundation

3) Top it off with an oil free powder

4) Swipe on blush/bronzer

5) Long wearing lipstick

6) and waterproof eye makeup (mascara and liner)

Till next time,

Sylva K

Makeup done by yours truly and photography by Christina Esteban

Why we heart Yoga so much!

I remember the first time I tried yoga! Such an amazing feeling! Lying on the floor with my eyes closed, hearing my heart pulsate and listening to myself breath. Felling harmony between my body and soul. I felt like I was sinking in the ground!!

Yoga is a wellness practiced for centuries. It has a lot of health benefits. Yoga reinforces the mental aspect of our being while sculpting our bodies. Try the power yoga!! And you’ll know what mean J

Not only does yoga help you ease tensions and sleep better, it energizes your muscles softens joint and stimulates your inner organs. It helps the oxygen of your entire body accelerate, boots energy and eliminates toxins.

Try this every morning! The Salutation of the Sun! This is the fist thing I learned J Enjoy!!

Stand straight with your palms together near your chest, raise your arms as high as you can over your head and bring them down. Inhale deeply.

Keeping your legs straight, bend forward (at your waist) and place your hands on the floor, next to your feet. Your head should now be near your knees. Exhale.

Always keeping your hands on the floor move your left leg behind you making sure your foot and your knee touch the floor.

Then move your other foot behind you, always making sure your foot is touching the floor. Knees straight, arms straight and hands on the floor. Your spine should be straight now. Inhale.

Bend your elbows bringing your chest, knees and toes to the ground (like your about to do a push up) Exhale.

Now lift your head, your upper body and straighten your arms, leaving your lower body, knees and foot still touching the floor. Curve your back. Inhale.

Go back down, and get into a triangular position, having your hand and feet on the ground, but this time your knees and but are in the air. Move your left leg forward.

Bring your right leg forward this time and straighten you legs to standing keeping your hands on the floor and your head near your knees.

Slowly return to standing position. Exhale.

Till next time,

Sylva K

Bridal Photo Shoot

I hope everyone is doing well! It’s monday, and the Sylva K Team is heading off to a Bridal Shoot!! They’ll be some amazing coture dresses worn, I absolutely can not wait!

The talented Brian will be shooting! I’ll be uploading the pictures from the shoot as soon as I can!

Until then,

Take care!


What are Makeup Artists loving? Sylva K dishes on her favourites

Buxom lips - A pout-perfecting lip polish

Naturally creates the look of fuller, more voluptuous lips. This mineral-infused polish imparts a luminous high shine with no sticky or tacky feeling. A deep infusion of antioxidant vitamins A and E help keep lips soft, smooth, and protected, while the tingly and cooling sensation reminds you that your lips are getting an immediate increase in fullness.

This is definitely one of my favorites products! And every girl needs one!  And don’t you just love the packaging!  Cute!!

-Sylva K

Bridal Countdown Begins – Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day

The Countdown Begins!

Looking flawless on your wedding day isn’t as simple is waking up the day of and having your hair and makeup done.  In order to absolutely jaw-dropping, we’ve compiled a breakdown of what you can do up to 6 months before the big day!


  • Start treating your hair Trim, gloss and treatment. Book them every six weeks between now and the weeding. You’ll thank yourself when the big day has arrived.
  • Think colour Book an appointment with your colorist, getting the right hue might take several times before you get the look you want. Let the experts explain you want suits your complexion. Highlight are a nice way to brighten up your look. Gloss is great for darker hair, it lives a shine, rich color and amazing texture to the hair.
  • Laser Start to laser unwanted hair! Book your appointments but leave your last appointment tree weeks before your wedding! You don’t want to be left with any redness or irritation.


  • Facials Don’t we all love facials? Book an appointment at your Spa for a deep cleansing facial, this will eliminate dead cells, clear up your complexion and hydrate your skin! Remember makeup sits better on a hydrated skin! Please follow the treatment at home! If you don’t have a good cleanser, toner, exfoliate and Cream!!! GO BUY!!! It’s a must J Book facials every two weeks for best results!
  • Lashes It takes 8 to 12 weeks before new lashes stat growing so start treating your lashes, Use Vitamin E oil! Simply apply the oil on the roots of the lashes with a k-tip at night, this will help the lashes grow longer and stronger. Try not to put a lot of mascara! Give your lashes time to breath and stay away from waterproof mascaras!


  • Bronze Okay! Now it’s safe to try on a spray tan! Schedule appointment to a few salons! Make sure you work around your Bridal shower, bachelorette, and photo shoots so you won’t feel uncomfortable with your color! If you went too dark or feel orange consult my Makeup Monday “Self Tanning.”
  • Nails Here we are, back to the spa!! Yeyyyy J make sure you book once a week for a manicure and twice a month for pedicures. You want your hand and feet to look it’s best.


  • Smile! Call your Dentist and schedule an appointment to whiten your teeth or if you prefer you can buy a kit at the pharmacy!


  • Wax Please!! Don’t leave the waxing last minute, as a makeup artist I’ve seen my brides left with burn scabs, breakout, and redness! You don’t want that to happen to you! So I beg you book your appointment at least 3 to 4 days before.
  • Breath! It’s going to be a crazy week for you so take time to relax! Going for a massage with your friend, mom, fiancé or even alone will help you distress and make you a happier bride.

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Makeup Mondays Vol. 5 – Luscious lips

Here are a few tips to make your lips full and luscious!

Lining your lips is a useful trick for balancing out your lips. If your upper lip is thinner than the bottom lip or if you want to make your lips appear fuller than they really are, simply line your lips directly on the border but never outside the lips! Trust me you do NOT want to look like a clown! And make sure you blend in your liner with your lips stick or gloss! You want it to look natural.

Always choose bright colors. Don’t try to compensate for thinner lips by applying a darker color lipstick to make your lips stand out. Applying dark color on your lips will actually make your lips look smaller. Don’t be afraid to use nice bright pinks and oranges, and of course bring on the lip gloss!!!

Until next time,

Sylva K

Makeup Mondays Vol.3


Sunless tanning (also known as self tanning, fake tanning, or UV-free tanning) refers to applying chemicals to the body to produce an effect similar in appearance to a more traditional suntan.

When applying bronzer make sure that you are using a large flat powder brush. Good brushes are worth the investment! Move upward from your neck and jaw line to your cheeks. To find the apples of your cheeks, simply smile.

It’s important that you blend well! The best blending is achieved by moving your brush in a soft circular motion, the point of this is you want your makeup to blend in with the natural oils of your skin and look as smooth and flawless, leaving no streaks behind!! So trust me! Blend! Blend! Blend!

Choose a bronzer that is only a few shades darker then your real skin tone. Start applying a small amount at first as a base and just add on as you go till you get the best shade for your skin tone. Remember, it is easier to build color then to fix mistakes! So please take your time!

Bronzers can work well on all skin tones except porcelain, because it can leave the skin looking dirty.

Until next time,

Sylva K

Makeup Mondays Vol. 1 – Eyelash Curlers

Every monday, we’ll be posting a makeup tip of the week.  Makeup Mondays will be your key to getting the latest tips and tricks from makeup pros!

Eyelash Curlers

To give a maximized curl to your lashes, your eyelash curler can actually work like a curling iron.  Simply rub the lash curler against your fingers (the part that’d you apply to the lashes back and forth — between your fingers), this will heat up the rubber and will make your lashes curl more and stay curled throughout your day & evening!

Phototshoot on Monday!

 So I’m really excited about this upcoming Photoshoot on Monday.  The client is HUGE (but we’ll just keep that as a secret for now).   I’ll be working alongside Photographer  Brian Huynh and hair stylist Gretta.

The three models are absolutely stunning and brunette (not that I’m biased or anything!) and the concept is absolutely amazing.  It’s completely not what you’d expect in a photo shoot, so that’s why I can’t wait to tell & show you all the details after the photos are finished! :)  I’ll give you a hint: think colourful and sexy!

Untill next time,

-Sylva K