Makeup Mondays Vol.3


Sunless tanning (also known as self tanning, fake tanning, or UV-free tanning) refers to applying chemicals to the body to produce an effect similar in appearance to a more traditional suntan.

When applying bronzer make sure that you are using a large flat powder brush. Good brushes are worth the investment! Move upward from your neck and jaw line to your cheeks. To find the apples of your cheeks, simply smile.

It’s important that you blend well! The best blending is achieved by moving your brush in a soft circular motion, the point of this is you want your makeup to blend in with the natural oils of your skin and look as smooth and flawless, leaving no streaks behind!! So trust me! Blend! Blend! Blend!

Choose a bronzer that is only a few shades darker then your real skin tone. Start applying a small amount at first as a base and just add on as you go till you get the best shade for your skin tone. Remember, it is easier to build color then to fix mistakes! So please take your time!

Bronzers can work well on all skin tones except porcelain, because it can leave the skin looking dirty.

Until next time,

Sylva K


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