Makeup Monday’s Vol. 6

I just had to add a couple more tips for  your lucious lips!

Another way you can make your lips look fuller!!!
You are going to love this one

This applies only for the upper lips, choose a lip line that matches your lip color, then start lining your lips, when you get to the middle of your upper lip, instead of lining it in a “V”, Connect the two highest points together, add gloss and Voila!! Fuller, luscious lips!

We certainly can’t have Luscious lips with chapped and dry lips!!!

Before applying any color, apply lip balm on your lips then with a boar’s hair bristle brush, scrub back and forth to gently exfoliate , eliminating the dead skin and plumping up the lips!! Please don’t use a tooth brush !! the brush is too rough.

Did you try any of our Makeup Monday tips? If so, how did it turn out!?  We always love hearing what’s working and what isn’t!  Drop a comment and let us know!

Until next time,

Sylva K

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