What are Makeup Artists loving? Sylva K dishes on her favourites

Giorgio Armani Master Corrector

One of the top correctors out there!

Master corrector will give you an instant rested look! It does not irritate the skin and it lasts all day long! The best thing about these correctors is that because they dry so fast you can reapply (on top of your first application) a couple of times to get the coverage you want!

There are 4 kinds of correctors;

The Pink concealer is for dull skin, it corrects yellow and olive pigmentation.

The Orange concealer is for more olive or dark skin. It can also conceals freckles, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation.

The Yellow concealer is for more pink skin tones. It brighten up the skin tone.

The Green concealer is to tone down the redness in skin, whether it’s small blemishes, rosacea or skin irritation, this will work wonders on your skin!!!

If you decide to go buy one of this miracle tubes, I suggest trying it at an Armani counter first to make sure you have the right shade for you.

Till next time,

-Sylva K


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