Why we heart Yoga so much!

I remember the first time I tried yoga! Such an amazing feeling! Lying on the floor with my eyes closed, hearing my heart pulsate and listening to myself breath. Felling harmony between my body and soul. I felt like I was sinking in the ground!!

Yoga is a wellness practiced for centuries. It has a lot of health benefits. Yoga reinforces the mental aspect of our being while sculpting our bodies. Try the power yoga!! And you’ll know what mean J

Not only does yoga help you ease tensions and sleep better, it energizes your muscles softens joint and stimulates your inner organs. It helps the oxygen of your entire body accelerate, boots energy and eliminates toxins.

Try this every morning! The Salutation of the Sun! This is the fist thing I learned J Enjoy!!

Stand straight with your palms together near your chest, raise your arms as high as you can over your head and bring them down. Inhale deeply.

Keeping your legs straight, bend forward (at your waist) and place your hands on the floor, next to your feet. Your head should now be near your knees. Exhale.

Always keeping your hands on the floor move your left leg behind you making sure your foot and your knee touch the floor.

Then move your other foot behind you, always making sure your foot is touching the floor. Knees straight, arms straight and hands on the floor. Your spine should be straight now. Inhale.

Bend your elbows bringing your chest, knees and toes to the ground (like your about to do a push up) Exhale.

Now lift your head, your upper body and straighten your arms, leaving your lower body, knees and foot still touching the floor. Curve your back. Inhale.

Go back down, and get into a triangular position, having your hand and feet on the ground, but this time your knees and but are in the air. Move your left leg forward.

Bring your right leg forward this time and straighten you legs to standing keeping your hands on the floor and your head near your knees.

Slowly return to standing position. Exhale.

Till next time,

Sylva K


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