Makeup Monday Vol. 10 – Skin Care Products

Hi Everybody,

Here is a quick guide to the TEXTURES of skin care products.


Serums are highly concentrated in active ingredients and quickly absorbed by your skin. For best results apply it before your mask. You can use serums all year round, they are the best cure fore fatigue skin.


Usually used at home,  it gives you a nice long relaxing break. Masks have powerful active ingredients.


Oils are best for making your skin look glossy and satiny.


Crams come in different textures and ingredients. It is most popular for hydration and anti aging treatments. Normally creams are very thick and rich in texture. Best used for the winter


Lotions are more liquid than creams, best used for the summer. Lotions penetrate quickly into the skin. Ideally used for the body.


Gels are usually transparent and provide a cool sensation


Always light and fresh and easy to use. Can reach difficult areas, such as your back.

Till next time,

Sylva K

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