Wedding wednesday’s – Myth of the pearl

A white, beautiful and iridescent pearl at the neck can be a simple and lovely finishing touch. A gem once thought so precious that only members of the English Royal family could wear it.

There is a long tradition of fathers giving pearls to their daughter for her wedding gift. This tradition has been so long that it is recorded in the ancient sacred Hindu text, The Rig Veda.

According to this legend, there was a god called Krishna that jumped into the bottom of the sea and brought up the very first pearl to land and offered it to his daughter on her wedding day.

The Greeks called the pearl the “wedding gem” and believed that pearls would prevent for the newlywed bride from crying.

Other cultures think of the pearl representing innocence and purity.

All superstitions aside, today’s bride opt for the classic look and elegant shimmer of a pearl necklace, pearl earrings or beautiful head pieces simply because it’s beautiful!!

Till next time,

Sylva K

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