Makeup Monday’s Vol. 18 – The Importance Of Sunscreen!

Tanned skin is a sign that your pigment cells, what we call melanocytes, are getting excited, actually trying to protect you from the UV damage by forming pigment.

Both UVA and UVB  rays can promote damage to the epidermis and dermis, and can cause skin cancer and cause your skin to age.

The only way of to combat skin cancer and signs of aging related to sun exposure would be the use of sunscreen on regular basis. Applying half a teaspoon of SPF 30 on your face half – hour before any sun exposure and re – applying it frequently every single day will block off both UVA and UVB rays.

I know it is said that little sun exposure is good for your skin cause it has Vitamin D! I suggest to just take a daily supplement!

Here is a little breakdown of what can happen throughout the years if you don’t protect your skin from sun exposure.

20S without sunscreen

Your skin starts to lose its glow and fine line will appear around the eyes and mouth.

30S without sunscreen

Fine lines will show more and your Skin will appear more brown and red.

40S without sunscreen

Your skin will form brown spots. Appearance of more fine lines and broken blood vessels and capillaries will appear mostly in the nose and check area.

40S without sunscreen  

Skin will lose its elasticity and will appear dirty looking. Lines will be more pronounced. Pores are bigger and lines will appear more around the eyes and mouth

60S without sunscreen  

Skin will lose even more elasticity and appear dirtier. Lines around the eyes and nose will be more pronounced. Warty and brown spots will appear and can possibly be pre-cancerous.

I suggest Nelly Devuyst sunscreen SPF30+


Till next time,

Sylva K


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