Eyeliner Elegance For The Bride On Her Wedding Day

Doing your own makeup on your wedding day? Here is a tip you should know before applying your eyeliner.

Liquid liner can look very harsh and pencil liner tend to smudge, I’m sure you’ve experienced it! In order to have that soft natural look try using a long lasting gel liner.

Again black may look to harsh against a white gown, so try a dark brown, charcoal or even purple for a soft look.

To use, dip a small angled brush into the pot, wipe against the side of the pot to remove excess. Hold the outer corner of your eye with one hand and apply in small motions, working outward as close to the lash line as possible.

I suggest not to start your line from the inner corner, it will make your eyes look smaller! Start half way, say from your iris! Unless, you have big round eyes, then I would say start from the inner corner.

Till next time,  

Sylva K


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