Bridal Boudoir Photo shoot

Boudoir! Boudoir! Boudoir! We love everything Boudoir!

It all took place in the beautiful The Loft Hotel . Just imagine, big open space, crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, white-painted walls and long flow dreamy curtains! Can you picture the room?

Photo’s were shot by the lovely and so talented Christina Esteban

Hair and Makeup by Sylva K & Team

Also, featuring absolutely stunning headwear’s from the beautiful JLR . Each piece is unique and hand-made with nothing but pure love!

Here are a few of Jennifer Laoun-Rubentein’s headwear’s shot by Christina Esteban

They are all so beautiful but this one is my favorite headwear!!

Hair and Makeup by Sylva K & Team

The first look was all about purity and beauty!

The second look is more mysterious and sexy


lingerie: La Senza , Shoes: Aldo

Hope you enjoyed the boudoir photo shoot!

Don’t miss Maddy K ‘s  Bridal Boudoir Affair in December 2010!!

Till next time,

Sylva K


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