Makeup Monday’s Vol. 20 – The Importance Of Brushes!

Hello Everyone!!

Today’s topic is on the importance of using multiple makeup brushes to achieve the flawless look you’ve always dreamed of!

I always personally thought it was funny hearing clients/friends or even family saying the famous line ”wow,you have a lot of brushes” I seriously feel that whoever invented the saying ” brushes are a makeup artists best friend” was 100% correct!!!!

Christina Esteban Photography

And that is why today I will be describing different brushes and what exactly they are used for.

For example…

Eyeshadow : For a proper smooth look,you should have a firm rounded brush,which is used for applying the eyeshadow onto your eyelids.Then you would need a blending brush (this is a very important brush,which I feel that many people do not have). The blending brush is used to blend the colors smoothly into one another allowing there to not be any hard edges. The difference between them both is, the blending brush is wider and fluffier, which allows you to blend the colors in together,where as the rounded brush does not.

Now for your foundation: Everyone has their own preferences! Such as, the foundation brush, sponges or applying their foundation with their hands.There are two types of foundation brushes,the flat one and the fibre-optic brush. The flat one is more precise, therefore, it is best used underneath the eyes. Where as, the fibre-optic brush is best for a flawless, airbrushed look.

Is there a difference between a blush brush and a bronzer/power brush? There is none, right?


The bronzer brush is much larger/puffier than the blush brush to allow the bronzer/powder to go on evenly all over your face, rather then the blush brush is smaller, which allows the blush to stay in one specific area of the cheek.

– That an angle brush can be used for applying black eyeliner? and also for penciling in your eyebrows with a powder eyeshadow? It’s a 2 in 1 type of brush!!

Hope you enjoyed this Makeup Monday tip!

Have a wonderful day,

Till next time,

Sylva K & Team


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