Makeup Monday’s Vol 21. – Everything you need to know about lipsticks!!

Hello Glamourous ladies!!

Today we will be giving you some tips and tricks on all about lipstick!!

When using a red lipstick, have you ever felt that you ended up with a bleeding affect around your lips? Or even just a messy red lipstick look? 

Did you know, an easy way to prevent that would be to powder lighly around your mouth (not including your lips) before applying your lipstick? That will definetly allow your lipstick to look much neater and less messy.

Makeup by Sylva K & Photography by Brian Hyunh

Have you ever wondered how to make your bottom and top lip seem fuller? Here’s how to acheive it! 

Did you know, shading under your bottom lip will instantly make your lip seem fuller. Where as, for your top lip, you can apply a highlighting color to the cupid’s bow right before you apply your lipstick.

So, your favorite lipstick has lost it’s new lipstick sharpness,therefore everytime you attempt to apply your lipstick, it always ends up messy and the lines never seem to end up straight!! 

Did you know, an easy fix would be to simply apply your lipstick with a lip brush! Try it and you will see a huge difference!

Are you tired of re-applying your lipstick several times throughout your day? 

Did you know, that using lip gloss over your lipstck will make your lipstick last longer? Due to the drying affects of the winter weather. It is best to use  sticks and stains in the summer.

Okay, so your buying a new lipstick and decide to try out the color before you purchase it. Usually you would apply the lipstick directly at the back of your hand!                        

Did you know, that the right way to see the true color of lipsitck is to apply it on your finger tip? Because the color of your finger tip is the closest to your actual lip color!

Hopefully all your little fustrations with your lipstick have been answerd and solved!!!

Have a wonderful Monday,

Sylva K & Team


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