Introducing Misencil®. – Have a glamorous look without using mascara!

Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce that Sylva K Studio is now offering Misencil®. – Permanent eyelash extension at Spa Curage in Pointe-Claire 

Want to have a glamorous look without using mascara? 

Let us first tell you… A little about lashes 

Eyelashes are protectors of the eye, they protect your eyes from dust, debris and unknown particles.  An eye contains around 200 lashes, your top lashes normally start from 8mm to 12mm long and are much fuller than your bottom lashes that start at 6mm to 8mm long only. 

The life span of an eye lash is 60 to 90 days and they continuously keep growing. There are 3 phases in an eye lash growth: Anagen phase which we call the baby lashes, catagen, the teenager lashes and telogen, the adult lashes. 

What is Misencil®. ? 

Misencil®.  is individually applied permanent eyelash extensions that are directly  put on your lash to give you a thicker and longer eye lashes. They are comfortable, water proof and most importantly safe for your natural lashes.



The most frequently asked question is “ Will it damage my own lashes?” 

Misencil®. ‘s application is a new technique on the market and does not damage your natural lashes. The eyelash extension is glued individually, with a special product, on each lash without touching your skin. Also, the security method of this technique is approved from Santé Canada and is obligatory to respect it. 

How much is the treatment and how long does it take? 

Treatment time and price depends on the client’s lashes and the look they want to get. 

For a natural look (Star look) The service takes around 1h and is $150+tax 


For a more dramatic look (Super Star look) the service takes around 2h and is $250+tax 


How long does the Misencil® eyelash extensions last?

Refills are required every 3 to 5 weeks. This depends on the clients maintenance of her lashes. Refills cost $50 for 30 minute and $25 for additional 15 minutes. 

Promotion for Misencil®.

Starting Monday October 4th , 2010 we will be giving out a very special deal to our 10 first new Misencil®.  clients 

With a purchase of a full set you will receive your first eyelash touch up for free 

Purchase of a natural look (star), you will receive a free 30 min refill value of $50 

Purchase of the dramatic look (super star), you will receive a free 45 min refill, value of $75  

Call (514) 697-4400 for more information or to book your appointment. 

Pictures and information of Misencil®. is from BG Beaute inc.


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