Makeup Monday’s Vol 24 – Facts About Makeup!

Some interesting historical facts on MAKEUP

Did you know,

– The word COSMETIC was originally found from the latin word COSMETAE (which described the slaves during the roman times, who use to bathe influent romans in perfume)

–  Higher class women in the Victorian times would wear very little makeup. Prostitutes, actresses and working class women were the ones who wore makeup on an every day basis.

– Back in the Renaissance times women wanted PORCELAIN white skin, therefore they used Arsenic powder as a foundation. That was immediately discontinued after realizing it was a very unhealthy method.

– The Egyptian times was when makeup had first made it’s appearance. Women use to apply dark colors under their eyelids and darkening their lashes. Difference was, they used CHARCOAL instead eyeliner and mascara. Other natural element were used during those times, such as flower for perfume, Hena for nail polish and beats to stain their lips and checks.

– Ancient romans hated wrinkles, freckles and sunspots,  so to soften WRINKLES they would use Swans fat or donkeys milk, and for sores and freckles, they used ashes of a snail.

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