Makeup Monday’s Vol. 25 – How to prevent your eyeshadow from creasing?

Have you ever noticed after wearing eyeshadow for a few hours, your eyeshadow has CREASED? leaving you with a messy uneven look on your eyes!!

Hair & makeup by Sylva K & Team, photography by Brian Huynh

You’re eyeshadow is creasing because it has been broken down by moisture. This happens either from the natural oils of your skin or from warm weather. Oily eyelids are a problem for many people, no matter what  their skin type is!


There are a few simple steps that you can follow that can help your eyeshodow not to crease anymore.

When applying eye cream (before your makeup application) don’t apply it on your eye lids. Why? Because eye creams work to plump up fine lines and wrikles. Now imagin if you apply it on your eye lids, you can be left with puffy eyelids and let’s not mention your oily eye lid problem!!

I suggest to simply add your eye cream underneath and the the sides of your eyes.

Another thing you can do to prevent your eyeshadow from creasing is to cover your entire eye lid with your FACE POWDER. The powder will give you a dry base and because it’s no longer oily, you’ll find that your eye shadow will blend easier when applying.

If you’ve tried these steps and you’re still having creasing issues, try an eye shadow PRIMER. Eyeshadow primers work wonders when it comes to keeping your eye makeup in place for an entire day. 

Hair & makeup by Sylva K & Team, photography by Brian Huynh


Very easy! Simply put a bit on your eyelid and blend it in gently with your finger for an even application. Wait for a few seconds for it to dry before applying your eyeshadow.


You can also apply primer before lipstick, and foundation!

Have a wonderful Monday,

Sylva K & Team


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