How to fix a broken powder, bronzer or eyeshadow?

Attention all broken eyeshadow, bronzers and pressed powder! there is still hope for you all!!

So you recently bought a new eyeshadow and Oh my! you accidentally dropped it on the bathroom floor and now it’s in pieces! But not to worry Because there is a simple way to fix it…

All you need is;

– Rubbing alcohol

– Saran Wrap

– Cotton

Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to your compact. Then wrap your finger with Sran wrap and smooth the powder in place. Let  it dry for a few hours before using it with the cover open. Once it’s completely dry place a cotton puff over your individual powder before closing the case, so when you accidentally drop or bump your powder it won’t shatter into pieces again.

If you see that the damage is too much, you can empty the broken powder into another container  and use it as a loose powder or pigment if it’s an eyeshadow.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Till next time,

Sylva K


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