They lived happily ever after… Diana & Ore’s Wedding!

Here’s a love story of one of my dearest bride’s Diana Perri on how she met her prince charming.

Diana and Ore met through a common friend. Ore always knew that beautiful Diana existed but never had the chance to meet her. Until January 2004, where they met at a friend’s small party. Sparks were flying right away and soon enough Diana and Ore  started dating.

On June 4, 2009, Ore proposed to Diana at the top of St-Josephs Oratory in front of montreal’s beautiful sunset.

“We would go there often in the summer just to chill and watch the sunset” – Diana told us 

Almost 7 years together, their love still continues to grow strong and on September 25 ,2010 Diana and Ore tied the knot.

Hair and Makeup by Sylva K & Team

Thank you Diana for making us a part of your beautiful day,

Sylva K



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