Spring/Summer makeup trends!

Perk up your pout!

This season’s spring and summer makeup trends is all about bright colors; Bold lips in bright and mat hues! Reds, fuchsias and pinks!

Prada Runway

Prada Runway

Jean Paul Gaultier Runway

Burberry Runway 2013

Missoni Runway 2013

Missoni Runway 2013

You can also apply these beautiful bright colors by using a lip liner pencil. This will not only make your lipstick color stay longer, it will also prevent your color from bleeding and will make your lips look fuller.

Eyeliner and lush lashes

This season, the eyeliner is extremely popular; don’t be afraid to draw a cat-like eyeliner! The eyeliner can be applied on the upper and lower lids.

Chanel Runway

Lanvin Runway

Roberto Cavalli Runway

For long-lasting eyeliner, try using a gel eyeliner and applying it with an angled brush. Gel liners stay on longer and give you that dark color you want. Try using Bobbi Brown or Shu Uemura gel liner.

Full, long, lush lashes!

I am loving this years faux lashes. For those who are not blessed with long, full lashes, the best and easy way to get the look is by using a one strip lash.

Jean Paul Gaultier Runway

Jean Paul Gaultier Runway

How to apply false lashes;

1-      Clean your natural lashes, don’t use any oily cleaners or oily eye creams, since the oil will prevent the fake lash to glue on.

2-      You will probably need to cut off a bit from the ends of your fake lashes so the tips won’t poke the corner of your eyes.

3-      Make sure that you are comfortable with the length of the lashes itself, if you find them to long, start cutting a bit from each lash.

4-     Apply a little amount of glue on your fake lashes and delicately place them on your natural lashes, you can do so using your fingers or using tweezers , keep eyes slightly closed so the glue won’t stick to the bottom lashes. Using your fingers, gently press the glued fake lashes onto your natural lashes.

5-   For those who have straight lashes, slightly curl your lashes with a lash curler, I love using a Shu Uemura’s curler.

6-     Once glued on, apply mascara on your natural and fake lashes. This will ensure your fake lashes to stay on longer. You can use waterproof mascara for an even better protection.

Miu Miu Runway

Jean Paul Gaultier Runway

Stay tuned for Makeup Mondays for more 2013 fashion trends…

Sylva K



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