Somewhere between black and white!

We are talking about the color GREY!

Finally we can stop dying or glossing our hair and start enjoy the true beauty of it!

There are so many shades of grey, in order to chose the right colour it is best to consult a specialist. You want to pull a fashion statement not add-on numbers to your age!

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Sylva K


**** These pictures do not belong to Sylva K, they are inspirations taken from the internet.


STRVCT refers Structure

CONTINUUM continues to amaze me! Check out these 3D printed nylon shoes collection.

They represent a rage of styles, from platform to pump and are available in different colors.

The cost: $900/per pair.

Origami tyvek butterflies with a 3D printed base! How beautiful is this?

shoe 8

shoe 7

Sylva K