Beautifully Clean Skin – A Tip from Sylva K

I know we sometimes get lazy to remove makeup before going to bed but please make it a priority and take a few minute to get rid of all the impurities, pollution and excess sebum. Let your skin breath!!!

If you don’t remove makeup before going to bed, your skin will accumulate sebum and will result into pimples (you DON’T want that!), your skin will suffocate and you will start getting wrinkles much sooner. For those who just put cream without washing, NO USE!!! You can’t apply cream on a face that hasn’t been properly washed!

There are several formulations for washing your face; Cleansing milk and lotion, Cleansing gel or mousse for those who don’t like the milk texture or the famous moist facial wipes.

Follow these steps and trust me your skin will thank you!

Until Next time,

Sylva K

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