Makeup Monday’s Vol. 7 – Do your skin and you some good, relax in a bath!

I’ve always loved taking baths. When I was young I used to play for hours in the tub till the water got cold and my hands got all wrinkly but that didn’t stop me!! I would empty the bath tub and fill it up again with worm water! It was the best place to play with my toys and let my imagination run.

Now I love taking baths to relax, soothe aches and pains and to clear my mind. Sometime I use Essential oils! Have you tried it?? Depending on what kind of essential oil you use, it can distress, energize, slim or purify you. The best thing about essential oils is that they penetrate in your pores.

The best way to take a bath is to make sure the water is not too hot; the maximum temperature should be 97 degree F. Water that is too hot can seriously damage your skin, your circulation, the elasticity and is very dangerous for the veins in your legs.  Taking a bath lowers your body’s temperature so it is best to take one before going to bed.  Bath time is also a perfect timing for body/face exfoliation and masks, since the steam open ups the pores. Always finish your bath with a cool shower and limit your bath time to a maximum of 20 minute.

For a super relaxing ambiance try this!!!

  • Light up scented candles, grab a good book and listen to some soft music.
  • If your bath tub is uncomfortable you can always buy those inflammable pillows!!!
  • Lift your legs, relax your knees, and clear your thoughts.

Enjoy bath time everyone!!!

Till next time,

Sylva K