Makeup Mondays – Self Tanning

Self tanner can be used to hide flaws; red areas, sunspots or rosacea, and it evens out skin tones.

Always apply self-tanner to clean, smooth, makeup-free skin. It is best to exfoliate first, a light exfoliation for the face and use a washcloth or a loofah for your body.

When applying self tanning lotion to your face, the biggest mistake that a lot of people do is putting to much lotion underneath the eyes, in the creases of your nose and your mouth, basically anywhere you can go dark. Keep the middle of your face light; if you go to dark, you will look aged. Don’t forget your neck and ears. Wait 10 to 15 min after applying self tanner to the face before applying any other makeup.

When applying self tanning lotion to your body, make sure to cover your palms, nails (wear gloves) and toenails (use Band-Aids). This will ensure that your nails and cuticles won’t get yellow. Once finished rubbing the lotion over your body, take the gloves off and rub the remaining lotion towards the end of your fingers and toe nails.

When it comes to tanning your back, the best solution is to ask a friend to help you or use a spray tan. Wait 10 to 15 minutes before getting dressed.

Most self tanners take an hour or more to show it’s color so plan ahead.

If you realize you have made a mistake, don’t panic! Apply “hair removal product” on the area and wait 30 seconds. You can also use lemon juice! You will get your original color in no time!

Have a great week!

-Sylva K