Makeup Mondays Vol. 13 – De-Stress your face

Stress, not only is it bad for your health but it also creates visible tension lines.

Follow these four masages to De-Stress your face.

1) Put your parlms on your temples and your fingers in your hair. Move your palm in curcular motion while letting your fingers massage your scalp

2) With your index and your thumb, pinch your eyebrows starting from the inner corner of your eye out towards your temples

3) Using your thumb and index fingers again, pinch your earlobes

4) Run your fingers through your hair and gently massage your scalp

Till next time,

Sylva K

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Makeup Mondays Vol. 11 Healthy Hands and Fingers

They say the best way to guess someone’s age is to look at their hands. Most people don’t think of this but your hands and fingers are very important and should be maintained very well.

Keep your hand beautiful with gentle exfoliation and daily massages using special hydrating creams that nourishes and helps prevent wrinkles. The sun is your worst enemy, so don’t forget to apply protection on your hands as well as your fingernails.

Go for frequent manicures or just do it yourself at home.

If your hands are super dry, use a gentle hand mask, apply a thick layer on the skin and them put on a pair of cotton gloves.

If your nails are very week, use a straightening base coat and protective polish

If your nails are seriously damaged and  is peeling, try placing your hand in a bowl of warm almond oil for about 15 minutes.

If your hands are always cold, this means that your circulation is poor, raise your hands in the air and massage from the tips of your fingers down to your wrists.

Till next time,

Sylva K

Makeup Monday Vol. 10 – Skin Care Products

Hi Everybody,

Here is a quick guide to the TEXTURES of skin care products.


Serums are highly concentrated in active ingredients and quickly absorbed by your skin. For best results apply it before your mask. You can use serums all year round, they are the best cure fore fatigue skin.


Usually used at home,  it gives you a nice long relaxing break. Masks have powerful active ingredients.


Oils are best for making your skin look glossy and satiny.


Crams come in different textures and ingredients. It is most popular for hydration and anti aging treatments. Normally creams are very thick and rich in texture. Best used for the winter


Lotions are more liquid than creams, best used for the summer. Lotions penetrate quickly into the skin. Ideally used for the body.


Gels are usually transparent and provide a cool sensation


Always light and fresh and easy to use. Can reach difficult areas, such as your back.

Till next time,

Sylva K

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Makeup Monday Vol 8- Eye Care

ATTENTION: For your very fragile areas – your eyes.

As we all know the most sensitive, extraordinarily thin, and complex part of our face is the skin on and around our eyelids.

The skin on our eyelids truly deserves special treatment, such as anti-wrinkle, anti-dark shadows, anti-bags and anti-sagging.

These treatments must always be used in small quantities. Place a drop of the product on the tip of your finger and gently massage, in circular motion your eyelids and around it.

The anti-dark circles and anti- bag treatments help drain water retention around the eyes, therefore when applying these products, gently massage from the outer corner of the eye inward. Repeat a couple of times.

When removing makeup, first thing you should do is remove your contact lenses (if you have any). Place a little amount of the remover on a pad. Very gently pass it on your eyes, wait a few seconds, to allow the product to penetrate and them sweep the pad (always upward) until there is no more makeup left.

+ A quick tip for those who use Eye Pencil every day.

Instead of pulling your eye lid to draw that perfect line, I suggest you use a powder color (of your choice) and apply in with an angled brush! This will help you maintain the elasticity on/around your eye lids and will prevent/delay wrinkles.

Till next time,

Sylva K

Makeup Monday’s Vol. 7 – Do your skin and you some good, relax in a bath!

I’ve always loved taking baths. When I was young I used to play for hours in the tub till the water got cold and my hands got all wrinkly but that didn’t stop me!! I would empty the bath tub and fill it up again with worm water! It was the best place to play with my toys and let my imagination run.

Now I love taking baths to relax, soothe aches and pains and to clear my mind. Sometime I use Essential oils! Have you tried it?? Depending on what kind of essential oil you use, it can distress, energize, slim or purify you. The best thing about essential oils is that they penetrate in your pores.

The best way to take a bath is to make sure the water is not too hot; the maximum temperature should be 97 degree F. Water that is too hot can seriously damage your skin, your circulation, the elasticity and is very dangerous for the veins in your legs.  Taking a bath lowers your body’s temperature so it is best to take one before going to bed.  Bath time is also a perfect timing for body/face exfoliation and masks, since the steam open ups the pores. Always finish your bath with a cool shower and limit your bath time to a maximum of 20 minute.

For a super relaxing ambiance try this!!!

  • Light up scented candles, grab a good book and listen to some soft music.
  • If your bath tub is uncomfortable you can always buy those inflammable pillows!!!
  • Lift your legs, relax your knees, and clear your thoughts.

Enjoy bath time everyone!!!

Till next time,

Sylva K

Beautifully Clean Skin – A Tip from Sylva K

I know we sometimes get lazy to remove makeup before going to bed but please make it a priority and take a few minute to get rid of all the impurities, pollution and excess sebum. Let your skin breath!!!

If you don’t remove makeup before going to bed, your skin will accumulate sebum and will result into pimples (you DON’T want that!), your skin will suffocate and you will start getting wrinkles much sooner. For those who just put cream without washing, NO USE!!! You can’t apply cream on a face that hasn’t been properly washed!

There are several formulations for washing your face; Cleansing milk and lotion, Cleansing gel or mousse for those who don’t like the milk texture or the famous moist facial wipes.

Follow these steps and trust me your skin will thank you!

Until Next time,

Sylva K

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Makeup Mondays – Self Tanning

Self tanner can be used to hide flaws; red areas, sunspots or rosacea, and it evens out skin tones.

Always apply self-tanner to clean, smooth, makeup-free skin. It is best to exfoliate first, a light exfoliation for the face and use a washcloth or a loofah for your body.

When applying self tanning lotion to your face, the biggest mistake that a lot of people do is putting to much lotion underneath the eyes, in the creases of your nose and your mouth, basically anywhere you can go dark. Keep the middle of your face light; if you go to dark, you will look aged. Don’t forget your neck and ears. Wait 10 to 15 min after applying self tanner to the face before applying any other makeup.

When applying self tanning lotion to your body, make sure to cover your palms, nails (wear gloves) and toenails (use Band-Aids). This will ensure that your nails and cuticles won’t get yellow. Once finished rubbing the lotion over your body, take the gloves off and rub the remaining lotion towards the end of your fingers and toe nails.

When it comes to tanning your back, the best solution is to ask a friend to help you or use a spray tan. Wait 10 to 15 minutes before getting dressed.

Most self tanners take an hour or more to show it’s color so plan ahead.

If you realize you have made a mistake, don’t panic! Apply “hair removal product” on the area and wait 30 seconds. You can also use lemon juice! You will get your original color in no time!

Have a great week!

-Sylva K